Club Tennis

The heart of the social tennis scene in Navan Tennis club is our weekly Thursday Night competition (previously held on Tuesdays).  If you’re serious about your tennis and your heart is set on Wimbledon centre court success, then this is probably not the night for you!  Our Thursday social night tennis is not about winning, it’s about meeting and playing with different people and getting to know the members who are the lifeblood of our club.   You're sure to make new friends along the way and the frequent post-match analysis in the local watering hole afterwards, always sets up for a great social tennis night.  So, if you’re looking for a fun way to spend a few energetic hours honing your tennis skills in great company, then this is just the ticket.  Play starts at  7.30 pm and finishes around 10 pm.  

Competition consists of 3 rounds of doubles, both same sex and mixed, with different partners in each match. Matches are 7 games long, or 20 minutes of play, depending on the format in use on the night. 
At the end of the 3 rounds, the 4 players with the highest points play off in the grand final, with a small prize for the victors.  Thursday night social tennis runs all year round, so come on your own or bring a friend or two, grab your racket and make it down next Thursday, we’d love to see you!